About Stanton Bowls Club

A group of like minded villagers got together with a view to constructing a bowling green in Stanton. Various sites were examined and deemed not suitable until Sir Kenneth Carlisle kindly offered a piece of land on a 99 year lease.

In 1988 the site now occupied by Stanton Bowls Club was formally leased by K.Carlisle Esq and The Honourable Mrs E. Carlisle to four Trustees: - Mrs Ivy Knights, ‘Clarry’ Smith, Ray Whitmore and Geoff Diaper. These having been nominated by a membership vote of the newly formed Stanton Bowls Club. Later the lease was amended so that the role of ‘Trustee’ was automatically passed to the Officers of the club elected at the Annual A.G.M. and the leaseholder became ‘Stanton Bowls Club.’

Work commenced almost immediately under the then ‘Clerk of the Works’, Mr Tom Cook, assisted by various members of the newly formed club. Grants were obtained from several sources together with a Public Works loan from St Edmundsbury B.C.

The membership started with 20 people in 1988 with an annual subscription of £5.00 per person. Bowling commenced in 1989 on a bowls rink which had more in common with a newly turfed garden lawn! The recorded membership for 1989 increased to 60.

An old caravan had been purchased for use as a site office and this was used as the first club house. Later a sectional wooden building was purchased and this was the beginning of the present clubhouse. The club house was later extended, again courtesy of grants from St Edmundsbury B.C., and became the building which we now have.